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   Photoshoot of newborns - is amazing and wonderful! Parents are so waiting for the baby! Rejoice at his birth! Naturally, they want to capture the most interesting moments: an unconscious smile, such lovely expressions of the person. Interesting, unusual pictures are waiting for grandparents to proudly show off their beloved grandson or beloved granddaughter.

   A photoshoot of newborns is considered one of the most complicated types of shooting, because the baby can not pose, just as adults do.

   When should I register for a photo session of a newborn?
It is best to sign up for a photo session of a newborn in advance, while still in the trembling expectation of the baby, especially if there is a desire for a color scheme.

   At what age is it best to shoot newborns?
If you have children, you probably remember that newborns sleep a lot, at least during the day, and, in my opinion, are able to sleep continuously. But it passes very quickly, and in a week or two babies begin to wake up more often, and spend more time awake during the day. You will not be able to take a picture of the child who is asleep, as a newborn is sleeping.

   The first photo session of a newborn is best performed at the age of up to three weeks. First, such as in this period, you will never be a kid. And secondly, at this age the little one sleeps a lot, creating a virtually ideal conditions for the photographer to work.

   How to properly prepare for a photo session of a newborn?
The main components of a successful photo session of a newborn:
1) Warm room or good weather (in case of shooting outdoors)
2) The presence of a source of "white noise" It is known that babies are soothed by the so-called "white noise". His role can be played by suitable music, pouring water or even a working hair dryer.
3) Powerful child Feed the baby before shooting so that he is in a good mood and sleep soundly. If the child is on artificial feeding, do not forget to take the bottle to the photo shoot.
4) Habitual things for crumbs From the first days of life, the baby has his personal things to which he is accustomed, and who soothe him. It can be toys, a soft blanket, a warm blanket or something else. Take these things to the photo shoot - they will not only allow the baby to feel comfortable, but also remain in the photo for a long memory.

   At what time of day is it better to hold a photo session of a newborn?
The newborns still do not have an established regime of the day, and they do not always sleep at the same time. As a rule, I assign a photo session to the late morning (10-11 hours) and spend time with you until I make the necessary number of successful shots. Feeding or other necessary baby procedures are not a hindrance - as a professional children's photographer I know that working with newborns requires attention and does not tolerate haste.

   How many photoshoots of a newborn should be taken in order not to miss the important stages of his growing up?
In the first year of life, the optimal solution will be 5 photo sessions: at the age of up to three weeks, at 3, 6, 9 months and a year. These pictures will allow you to keep a memory of how your child developed from the first days of his life.
   And remember: you order these photo sessions not only for yourself, but also for your baby. With age, he will be very interested and pleased to see how tiny and sweet he was in the first months of his life. And in order to keep this memory in a beautiful form, all photos of the baby can be decorated in a stylish photobook that will not only take an important place in the family photo archive, but will also become a wonderful gift to grandparents. Such things bring together and strengthen valuable family ties. Do you also contribute to the creation of the history of your family. And I'm happy to help you with this.

   If you want to have quality and beautiful photos of your newborn babies, then you should turn to the services of a professional photographer.
Professional photographer Elena from Brooklyn, New York will fulfill all your dreams and fantasies!